Landlords Relax, 2let2U provides a menu of services to make your life easier!

If you want us to rent out your property please complete the form and return to us by post, email or fax:

2let2U Terms and Conditions For Landlords

We want to advertise and let your property as soon as possible. We conduct viewings 6 days a week for prospective tenants and allow online bookings to be made directly into our diary, in real-time.

Managing Landlords Properties

At 2Let2U we understand that to provide an effective property management service relies on good communication between all parties; landlords, tenants, agent and contractors. Our systems facilitate this with advanced functionality such as allowing landlords to set their maintenance preferences (to include which contractors are authorised, spend limits and appliance guarantees).

Services Include

Tenant Find/Let Only
Rent Collection Only
House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) Management
Full Property Management
Investor Advice for the local market

Landlords services can also include:

  • Inspections
  • Opening Inventories(fees applied)
  • Closing Inventories(fees applied)
  • Closing Inspection
  • Interim Inspections
  • Rent Collect
  • Tenant Insurance
  • Property Management
  • Property Maintenance
  • Onsite Valuations
  • Letting Brochure
  • Website Advertising
  • Vetting and Referencing Tenants
  • Creating Tenancy Agreement
  • Provide HMO advice
  • Accompanied Viewing

Landlords rights, Landlords responsibilities

Landlords have rights and responsibilities, we’ll help you with this if needed. The worst thing a Landlord can do is to bury their head in the sand when things go wrong. When they do, we are here to help, we have good contacts with legal professionals specialising in eviction and more. Of course the best thing is to avoid bad tenants in the first place, which is where we can help!