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Sell your house fast at the right price today!

Sell your house fast

Sell Your House Fast in The UK Today

Sell your house fast and at a price near to market value is the ideal solution for many homeowners in the UK today. If a sale isn’t possible then renting through 2let2U is also an option which can bring in much needed cash!

How can I sell my house fast in a time-scale which suits me?

Many of our landlords who use our letting agency from time to time come to us to sell their rented properties quickly. We have contacts with many ‘we buy any house’ firms such as Flying Homes Ltd or House Property Buyers who can arrange for one of their national homebuyers to purchase your home stress and hassle free. If this is of interest to you then call them directly at the links below.

Before choosing a property buyer, get your home valued

This is definitely something to seriously consider. Armed with an approximate value of your property, you will be able to negotiate better with property buyers if you know your home’s true worth. There are many house valuation tools where a rough valuation can be obtained free and relatively quickly. Try Flying Homes house valution tool, click here!

Different kids of property buyers what they offer and can you trust them? Check below before you sell your house fast

It’s important to look for trusted property buyers to buy your home or you could be left high and dry if you get caught out with the last minute price drop scam! This ploy is where a house buyer agrees to buy your home and then reduces the price at the last minute leaving you high and dry, and forced to accept a much lower price for your home.

Selling the conventional way via an estate agent

Another option for selling quickly is to use a good local estate agent such as 4sale2U who specialise in selling houses to motivated buyers especially in the Yorkshire area. Selling this way means being realistic about pricing your home. Look on Rightmove and see what houses similar to yours are selling for. Just because a house like yours is advertised at a certain price doesn’t mean that this is the selling price, ie the price it will sell at. They may have no interest in their property, few viewings and no offers. This clearly isn’t the correct price for the house given that it’s advertised on probably one of the biggest property portals in the World! Pricing and marketing are the two most important aspects of selling a house, and together with presentation, getting the balance right between all thre, will ensure a speedy sale at the right price!

Accepting less money but paying less for the next home?

You may perceive that accepting less money for your home is not an option just because you need a quick house sale? But selling fast and moving on with your life has a price doesn’t it? Also. what if your next home, you could buy another property cheaply, surely one would cancel the other out?

We hope you have enjoyed our short article on how to sell your house fast!


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